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You've read the self-help books and listened to the tapes. You've got the skills and the motivation to take on the world. What's the biggest obstacle standing in between you and success?

In a single word, communication. If you can't effectively convey your ideas to others, you can't reach your goals -- get that job, make that sale, close that deal.

Now, what if there was a system that would guarantee to improve your ability to get your message across? More than that, what if there was a system that gave you the ability to substantially increase your ability to understand other people?

There is. It's called MAXimize.

Max Maven has astonished audiences in over two dozen countries with demonstrations of "mindreading" built upon a thorough knowledge of such techniques as kinesics, proxemics, pupillometrics and metalinguistics. If we get past these fancy scientific terms, we mean non-verbal communication -- what is popularly known as "body language."

We tend to think of communication as being based on the words we speak, but the simple fact is that spoken language accounts for only about twenty percent of the information we give and take. The rest is covered by a range of non-verbal communications.

Each of us has an instinctive ability with this; we've been doing it literally since birth. However, few of us are consciously aware of the process; it just happens.

Now, imagine the advantages of learning to apply these techniques deliberately. That's what the MAXimize system is all about.

Imagine using these techniques to control the ways that other people perceive you. You can refine and direct your message with a precision that is simply unavailable to the average person. Consider what an advantage this could give you in job interviews, sales meetings, and other important interactions.

But there's more, because MAXimize involves a two-way process. Using these techniques will allow you to "read" another person with astonishing accuracy. With these techniques you will be able to go behind a person's surface messages, and find out what they're really thinking.

These communication secrets are not difficult to learn, because they are natural techniques that you are already using. What the MAXimize system provides is a practical and easy way to build your awareness and understanding of these techniques, so that you can use them to their fullest potential.

And there's more, because Max Maven can also teach you remarkably easy ways to improve your memory skills, and show you practical methods to enrich your overall mental efficiency. He's put together customized seminars for a wide range of academic, sales and business groups; he can do the same for your group.

Become a life-winner: MAXimize.

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