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Here's what the critics have to say about Max Maven:

"The country's premier mindreader."
         New York Daily News

"America's leading mindreader."
         Stage & Television Today, London

"The nitery circuit's number one mentalist."
         Hollywood Reporter

"The world's number one mentalist."
         Nikkei Entertainment Magazine, Tokyo

"The premier mindreader in the world."
         Fun & Gaming, Reno

"Reads minds with disturbing accuracy."

"Mr. Maven's category-defying mind-
reading show veers into conceptual art."

          New York Times

"A new form of participatory theater.
A lot of fun."

          People magazine

"A charismatic performer who speaks with
the resonant tones of a Shakespearean.
Wonderfully esoteric."

          Chicago Tribune

"He steps on stage and takes
total command of the room."

          Entertainment Today, Los Angeles

"Delightfully droll. A comical cross
between Vincent Price and Orson Welles."

          The Stage, London

"Maven's improvisational skill is enhanced
by a charismatic animal magnetism."

         Los Angeles Times

"The combo of mental marvels and serpent-
like humor marks Maven as an original."


          US magazine

          USA Today

          CBS Morning News

          Universal Press Syndicate

          Portland Oregonian

          Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

          Los Angeles magazine

          Orange County Register

          Los Angeles Daily News

          Twin Cities Reader

"Brilliantly Sarcastic."
         The List, Edinburgh

"Diabolical and awesome."
         New York magazine

"Mysterious and uncanny."
         Montreal Daily News

"Appealing and astounding."
         Indianapolis Star

"Incredible and unbelievable."
          New York Post

"I went to this show ready to skewer a 19th-century-style card trickster, magician and charlatan on a bloody, barbed pen, but came away hooked myself. Maven is amazing. In the second act, he picked me out of the audience, and without my saying a word, told me that within the past 3 years I had been to a remote village in Fiji, and mentioned how long I'd spent and what I'd done there -- with absolute accuracy.
     "Amid the thuds of audience members' jaws hitting the floor throughout the evening, it's easy to overlook Maven's seamless showmanship. He's a superb storyteller who blends an arid, sophisticated and slightly sinister wit into a performance that's perfectly balanced on the ice line between humorous and hair-raising."

           L.A. Reader

"This guy can read you like an open book."
         New York Daily News

"This man is dangerous."
         Muhammad Ali

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