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(last update: July 2015)

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The globe-trotting continues. Over the past months, Max has been in Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, Taiwan, Canada and Japan (multiple times). At the time of this writing, he's about to go off to Rimini, Italy to participate in the next FISM congress; he has been a member of the International Consulting Committee for that event.

Diverse bookings have included sold out performances of his full-evening theater show, Max Maven Thinking in Person, at its original home, the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood.

Other projects are in the works. We can’t reveal details yet, but rest assured there are some exciting prospects.

In the meantime, you can always catch up with Max in reruns. The episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with Max guest-starring as "The Great Mentos" appears in syndication; look for the one where Will Smith is accidentally hypnotized into thinking he's four years old. And, once in a while, the episode of Mork & Mindy in which Robin Williams takes his driving test shows up somewhere. It you catch it, you'll recognize the test examiner. And, of course, there are quite a few clips to be found on YouTube if you type “Max Maven” into the search box.

To gain an interesting perspective about Max, you might want to check out this list of the five movies that he’s found to be most inspirational, and why:

And here’s a link to two videos where Max gets to turn the tables and be the interviewer, in two engaging in-depth talks with James Randi:

We get frequent requests for autographed photos. Max will be happy to send you a personalized 8x10 photograph. Send five dollars for P&H to:

7095 Hollywood Blvd. #382
Hollywood, CA 90028-8912 USA

All for now. We will continue to keep you posted about future events. Please know that Max reads every message sent to him, and replies when he can.

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